Austin City Statistics

Last week brought the launch of 2009 estimates (prior to the launch of the real Decennial Census) from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Area Survey (ACS). Here’s a sampling of findings from the 2009 ACS with the 5-county Austin City Statistical Location that could be practical in your presentations regarding Austin. Much more post is readily available from the Chamber of Commerce.

Education: Austin is ranked 4th in the nation with the percent of the populace aged 25 and over along with a bachelor’s level or higher. From 1,096,413 residents over 25 decades or older, Austin has actually 38.7% along with at the very least a bachelor’s level compared to 27.9% nationally, beating out Denver, Seat and NYC. The populace enrolled in university or graduate institution is 148,329 or 31.2%, compared to 27.9% nationally.

Population: Austin has actually the highest in-migration of populace From the fifty percent largest City locations along with 6.9% of the populace have actually moved from a various metro or non-metro Location in the last year. The Austin MSA populace is estimated at 1,705,075 and families at 614,047. The populace over 65 is estimated at 134,124 or 7.9%, compared to 12.9% nationally. The Hispanic populace is 30.7% compared to 15.8% nationally. Foreign-birthed complete 249,240, or 14.6%, compared to 12.5% nationally. A bigger part of these are no longer naturalized (71.3%) compared to the nation (56.3%). Median age is 32.4 years, compared to 36.8 decades nationally.

Income: Median earnings with a male full-time, year-round employee is $44,881, 1.3% right here the nationwide earnings. Median earnings with a female full-time, year-round employee is $38,025, 7.0% mentioned above the nationwide earnings. Median household Earnings is $56,218 compared to $50,221 nationally. Administration and expert professions account with 42.1% of tasks offered by the civilian employed population, compared to 35.7% nationally.

Real Estate: The median value of an owner-inhabited estate is $189,300 compared to $185,200 nationally. Renters pay a median rent of $909, compared to $842 nationally.