Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Some considerations for a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man:

he requires and you, above all, to require loyalty (and to feel that you are the center of his world at times). This may be a great match if you can both let go of the impulse to dominate each other (you actively and him passively) and focus more on your mutual interests.

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are gregarious, truth-seeking, and inquisitive creatures. They are philosophical, humanistic globetrotters. Even older Sagittarius men have a young element that is appealing. You know those travelers you read about who travel for months and months to faraway lands? That has the astrological sign of Sagittarius written all over it.

Unlike Leo women, who value beauty, Sagittarius men value truth, idealism, and philosophy. Once you’ve captured his mind and heart, he’s all yours. Sagittarius men are among the least superficial men in the zodiac, which makes them highly sexy.

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Leo women are the zodiac’s career-driven powerhouses. They exude self-assurance, pride, and focus. Leo women are not known for getting married at a young age. They can be single for long periods of time, unlike other girls in the zodiac. They have this great independent, self-sufficient spirit that men find so appealing. They will not be able to completely settle down until all of their other projects are accomplished, and only then will they commit themselves to a new venture like family and marriage.

Leo women are similarly accustomed to lavish affection and spectacular gestures.

Your Sagittarius is more interested in penning your love letters than in getting you a diamond. Ms. Cat Woman, you could probably afford to buy your own gems anyway. What you really need is genuine love, and he has so much to offer.

One word of caution: if you try to cage him in, he may flee. Trips, physical activity, and park walks/runs are the best ways to “hold” onto your connection.

Because Leo and Sagittarius are, their love connection is passionate and harmonious.