Make a Libra Man Miss You

Learn more about how to get him to think about you even while you’re not there.

First and foremost, you should not feel awful about seeking to manipulate someone’s emotions. Some people will accuse you of being manipulative if you try to make someone miss you. And they could be correct.

However, this is not always a terrible thing. You could always argue that making someone fall in love with you is also a type of emotional manipulation, isn’t it? Emotional manipulation isn’t necessarily evil in and of itself, as long as it doesn’t result in harmful effects.

For example, if you are emotionally manipulating someone in order to benefit from their compassion, money, and so on to the point where it becomes abusive, that is a bad thing. That is unquestionably something you should be embarrassed of.

Is it, however, really a bad thing to emotionally manipulate someone simply because you want them to fall in love with you? After all, love is an emotional game. Sometimes learning all of the finest plays is required to come out on top. Just make sure you don’t inadvertently harm somebody in the process.

Relationships are wonderful, and love should be at the center of them at all times. Love is the most wonderful thing you could ever experience in the world.

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How to

Be Open About Your Emotions

Don’t play games with him. A Libra is unlikely to pursue a female with whom he believes he has no chance. He must understand that he stands a strong chance of landing a girl like you. He won’t even attempt if he doesn’t have to. After all, a Libra man isn’t great at dealing with failure. As a result, he prefers to take measured risks.

Don’t make yourself too accessible.

When you’re with him, you have to be careful not to make yourself too available. You must convince him that you are a valuable resource and that your time is limited. This will give you an air of exclusivity, which will make him want you even more.

That is also a big element of how the mind of a Libra works. He’ll want valued possessions, so to speak. He desires something that everyone desires. So, if he believes that many people want to spend time with you, he will want the same.