The advantages of in-house private tuition

Have you ever considered whether private house tuition is an option for you and your child education You are likely to be asking yourself questions about the process, costs, and benefits of private home tutoring?

In  the following, you can read how  private tutoring leads to better grades and a pleasant family atmosphere in the long term .

Private tutoring and the benefits

Private tuition in your own home means that a trained and certified tutor comes into the house to learn with the child – for example in the form of

  • meaningful support with the tasks,
  • targeted preparation for tests and exams,
  • Processing of previous material or
  • Teaching learning techniques and motivation to learn.

1. Don’t waste time driving

The daily routine with your own children can be stressful: After school you go straight to the fencing lesson, then to piano lessons. And enough time should be available for learning, hobbies and of course leisure time and relaxation. The parents become a taxi and the appointments away from home quickly become stressful. With a private tutor who comes into the house, you save yourself and the children the journey and you have everything in view.

2. Undisturbed attention

In contrast to a company with group lessons, where tutoring is given, a private teacher enables individual one-to-one lessons. This not only has the advantage that the teacher can fully adjust to your child – the child is also forced to focus instead of typing something on the phone in the back row. Success is almost guaranteed.

3. Always the same teacher

Another advantage that should not be underestimated: the trust. The tutor accompanies the child in the short, medium or long term while learning and in this way builds a personal relationship. This friendly and motivating relationship contributes to a large extent to learning success: Many relevant studies confirm that a friendly relationship between the teacher and the student contributes significantly to successful learning than previously assumed.

4. Concrete help for your child

In one-student lessons, tutoring focuses only on your child’s wishes, goals, and problems. The targeted attention of the private teacher also ensures that the lesson is not too fast, too slow or perhaps too demanding – but absolutely right for the student. In the one and a half hour lesson, there is enough time to specifically address the student.

5. Familiar learning environment

An added benefit of private lessons at home – they take place in your own home. The child arrives on time, the learning materials are readily available, and the environment is pleasant. You can also find out from your tutor how you can use the knowledge you have learned during the lessons for the next exam.

6. Flexible scheduling of appointments

As mentioned earlier, coordinating all the appointments for a family with school children is often quite a challenge. Sometimes it is not possible to orientate yourself to the course times of a tutoring institute, with a private teacher you can easily book the dates that fit best into the calendar. The mobile tutoring adapts to your individual everyday life, not the other way around.